Cate Burren of Angel +Blume tells how the show home evolved

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Cate Burren of Angel +Blume tells how the show home evolved

The homes at this development are particularly light and airy inside, with good size rooms and generous storage. We selected a mix of contemporary and mid-century styles for the furnishings giving a slightly younger, urban vibe which works well with the modern neutral palette of paints, carpets, kitchen and bathroom fittings that have been installed by Palace Green Homes. We were mindful that not everyone moving into the development would have a large budget for furnishings so we have tried to be creative by mixing cost-effective, high street furnishings with second-hand retro pieces, bold artwork and accessories to show how you can create a stylish, liveable interior without breaking the bank.

Show home furnished by Angel + Blume Interior Design:

If this sounds like an opportunity that you would be interested in, please contact Cheffins on Tel; (01353) 654900 or for more details including prices and purchase share option.

They will happy to talk you through the process, eligibility criteria and arrange a viewing, should you qualify.

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