Light, Bright and Beautiful

The ‘Lighthouse Projects’ are in the clinical disciplines of the chronic diseases Epilepsy, Haemophilia and Bipolar Disorder.

Light, Bright and Beautiful

The candyfloss skies of the Cambridgeshire Fens boast a luminescent and dramatic light purity that can be fully appreciated from footage gained from up high. Low levels of pollution ensure a gin-clear clarity of image bathed in a honeyed glow that adds theatre to the simplest of photography, as can be seen from these stunning photographs of the West End Gardens development in Haddenham captured by Palace Green Homes’ Toby Elliot.

The allure of the village of Haddenham as a place to live is undoubtedly its stunning rural backdrop, which is Fen land but with unusual rugged elevations that lends this a wild, raw landscape more character, perhaps, that the surrounding flatter terrain.

Peppered with feathery reeds, dykes, small woodland thickets, open pasture and leafy bridle paths, the countryside that hems Haddenham’s West End Gardens development is blessed by wide open bright skies uncluttered by high rise buildings. Soaring red kites can be seen here and the sweet song of skylarks heard in the ploughed hedgeless fields and grassy wilderness trails. It’s hard to believe the hustle and bustle of the City of Ely, and the City of Cambridge, are both close at hand.

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