Palace Green Homes celebrate the history of Haddenham with a time capsule event

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Palace Green Homes celebrate the history of Haddenham with a time capsule event

Palace Green Homes has marked its progress at its community-led site in Haddenham by inviting local community groups to share contributions to a time capsule that has been buried on site this week as part of the site’s landscaping works. 

The capsule includes contributions from pupils at Robert Arkenstall Primary School, Haddenham Parish Council, Haddenham Football Club and Haddenham Community Land Trust (CLT) – the community-based partner of the site.

Palace Green Homes has involved the local community throughout much of its development so far, from the 19 community owned homes that will be delivered via Haddenham CLT as well as inviting the community to the site to observe the archaeological dig that took place.

In 2019, pupils from Robert Arkenstall were welcomed onto the site to learn more about the excavation that took place on an open area that encompassed a 1st century AD Romano-British farmstead. As the excavation progressed, the archaeologists aimed to understand how the settlement was formed and why, what was carried out there, as well as understanding the abandonment of the site. The pupils were invited to draw sketches of how they imagined the settlement would have looked, as well as taking part in a competition where they had to bake a mock settlement out of cake and biscuits.

The time capsule, which was buried on Thursday 21 October, includes artwork from pupils at Robert Arkenstall Primary school; the October 2021 Village Voice magazine contributed by Haddenham Parish Council; the Haddenham Parish Council – Clerks & Councillors 1895 – 2020 booklet; a newsletter about the affordable homes on site from the Community Land Trust; photos of Haddenham Football Club from the 2020/2021 season; a face-mask to reflect the Coronavirus pandemic; and a sales brochure for West End Gardens from Palace Green Homes, which helps readers find out more about the development and the local community.

Paul Remington, Chairman of Palace Green Homes, commented: “The progress we’ve made on the site at Haddenham, despite the effects of the pandemic, has been testament to the hard work of our team and Haddenham CLT. It is fantastic to see members of the existing community living in the affordable homes on site already, and we are delighted to welcome even more members of the community onto the site to observe this time capsule being buried, helping to capture a snap shot of the current year.”

For further information about West End Gardens, please visit /developments/west-end-gardens