Our company sustainability pledge on World Environment Day 2022

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Our company sustainability pledge on World Environment Day 2022

The theme for World Environment Day 2022 is #OnlyOneEarth, calling for collective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet.

At Palace Green Homes, we have always taken steps to reduce our impact on Earth as much as possible. At part of our link to East Cambridgeshire District Council, we feed into their Environment Plan annually. In 2021, our work was part of their top 20 environmental targets:

Work with Palace Green Homes to establish a new sustainability policy for the company; this will then inform how [the Council] can progress its development schemes in the most sustainable, yet viable, way.

As part of our commitment to the Council, we are working towards applying Natural Cambridgeshire’s to all our future developments. The Developing with Nature Toolkit has been produced to help developers and infrastructure providers to demonstrate their commitment to achieving a net biodiversity gain to the public, local authorities or shareholders. We are also going above and beyond the Environment Plan target to apply the toolkit retrospectively to our West End Gardens development at Haddenham once building is completed.

The Toolkit comprises a simple list of “10 Things to do for Nature”. Developments meeting the requirements will receive a Chartermark from Natural Cambridgeshire. Going forward, we will assess all our developments by the Developing with Nature Toolkit in order to achieve a Chartermark.

We adopted a new Statement of Sustainability Policy in February 2021 which sets out our commitments in terms of our approach to building sustainably and respecting the local environment. We have made the following commitments regarding the designs of our homes:

  • Every new home we build will use less energy as a result of our ‘fabric first’ approach to building design.
    This means that we select the materials we use very carefully, maximising what the materials of the building itself can achieve and minimising the need for additional heating and cooling properties.
  • In our homes, we use fittings and fixtures that minimise the impact on the environment.
    We install a range of low energy lighting; a central heating system for each room to ensure efficiency; ventilation to meet and exceed air permeability targets; and ensure all white goods are ‘A’ rated or higher.
  • We are committed to using renewable technologies for all of our new build developments.
    By 2030 our new homes will be carbon Net Zero which we will achieve by building energy-efficient homes with appropriate renewable technologies such as solar panels and car-charging points that help to support the switch to electric-powered vehicles.

Jon Soar, our Technical Design Manager, leads on our environmental policies: “On this year’s World Environment Day, I am proud to reflect on the range of sustainable policies and commitments Palace Green Homes has implemented over the last couple of years.

“Our next step is to build upon these in the Council’s 2022 Environment Plan by looking at the way our houses are constructed. We are planning to replace all future contracts for site plant in preference for equipment powered by alternative means rather than using 100% diesel or petrol fuels. The selection of plant would be reviewed at the outset of the construction phase of each project and selected to meet the specific build requirements of the site development proposals. Selection will assess and favour the lowest operational carbon footprint possible.

We continue to review and reduce our environmental impact as a company wherever we can.

Read our Statement of Sustainability Policy here: https://www.palacegreenhomes.co.uk/palace-greenhomes-sustainability