Haddenham Rovers Colts celebrate a stellar season

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Haddenham Rovers Colts celebrate a stellar season

Local Cambridgeshire youth football club, the Haddenham Rovers Colts, are celebrating a hugely successful season which saw one of their teams top the league and another team promoted to the top tier. Palace Green Homes purchased the home football kit of two teams in the club which has been used for both the 20/21 and 21/22 seasons. 

Palace Green Homes began their two-year sponsorship of Haddenham Rovers Colts Football Club kits for the U12 girls’ and U14 boys’ teams in September 2020, with the company’s logo featuring on the team kits. The sponsorship coincided with the delivery of the West End Gardens development in the East Cambridgeshire village of Haddenham. West End Gardens is a beautifully designed development of 54 homes, incorporating central play space and plenty of carefully designed landscaped green areas.

The end of Palace Green Homes’ two-year sponsorship term with Haddenham Rovers Colts F.C. coincides with a brilliant season of football for the two teams involved. Under the coaching of Richard Lythgoe, the U12 girls’ team won their league. This is the only league currently running in Cambridgeshire for the U12 girls age group, making this Haddenham Rovers Colts team the best U12 girls team in the whole county!

The U14 boys’ team, coached by Graeme Hall and Nigel Ingram, had a strong year, finishing second in League B which grants them promotion to League A (the top tier) next season. Haddenham Rovers Colt F.C. has also received a prestigious award this year, with Cambridgeshire FA voting it the Club of the Year in the Grassroots Awards 2022.

Grayham Roper, Chairman of the Club, says: “Haddenham Rovers Colt has been proud to feature local developer Palace Green Homes as a sponsor of two teams at the club for the past two seasons, and we would like to thank the company hugely for its support.

“The football club is run entirely by volunteers and has over 200 players across different age groups. It has been a recognised club with Cambridgeshire FA since 2002 and I am proud to see our teams perform so well under the guidance of our coaches. Being named Club of the Year in Cambridgeshire FA’s Grassroots Awards was a huge honour for a small club like ours and shows how far we have come since starting out 20 years ago.”

For further information about West End Gardens, please visit /developments/west-end-gardens