Our 2022/23 Business Plan has been published

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Our 2022/23 Business Plan has been published

Palace Green Homes

The 2022/23 Business Plan for East Cambs Trading Company has been approved by the board and published. 

East Cambs Trading Company, which is the company behind Palace Green Homes, published its Business Plan for 2022/2023 this week. In the Plan, Palace Green Homes reiterates its commitment to delivering quality homes for the people of East Cambridgeshire.

After a strong 2021/22 year for the company, the Business Plan includes a financial overview of the company, the governance, board and management structure and its plans for property development in the region.

Our 2022/23 Business Plan states:

“We believe that by continuing to develop the services that we offer we will be able to deliver services that are profitable, sustainable, flexible and focused on meeting the needs of local people and businesses in East Cambridgeshire.”

In the Business Plan, we pledge to:

  • Maximise on every commercial opportunity over the next 12 months
  • Deliver quality homes for the people of East Cambridgeshire

Trade in a manner that, wherever possible, acts in the best interest of East Cambridgeshire District Council, our sole shareholder.

A full copy of the 2022/23 Business Plan is available here: ECTC Business Plan (eastcambs.gov.uk)