Palace Green Homes is building a greener future

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Palace Green Homes is building a greener future

Palace Green Homes is building a greener future

Time is running out to protect our planet from the effects of climate change, which is why sustainability is paramount to us at Palace Green Homes. We’re taking the opportunity this #NewHomesWeek to emphasise the benefits of a new build as a sustainable option for the planet.

Taking care of our planet is critical as the climate continues to change around us.

The signs of spring are usually a delight, but the reality is far from it. Fauna and flowers that once blossomed mid-March are emerging earlier, and last year, scientists determined that spring arrived a month earlier as a result of climate change, according to a study led by the University of Cambridge.

Many of us are trying to do our bit in helping the environment, and a question that is asked time and again by our prospective buyers refers to whether buying a new build home is really a greener option for the future.

The answer is yes.

A new HBF report found that new-build buyers could save more than £3,100 a year when the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) increases.*

Saving energy (and on bills) is one of the most notable ways of protecting the environment. With the energy price cap increasing in April, energy efficiency is on everyone’s minds.

At Palace Green Homes, we are committed to developing homes in harmony with the natural environment on existing sites and all upcoming sites. We work with East Cambridgeshire District Council and feed into the council’s annual Environmental Plan.

As part of our commitment to the council, we are dedicated to achieving our core sustainable commitments in the face of a climate crisis. So far, we have pledged to strive to be lean, be clean and be green.

Every new home Palace Green Homes builds will use less energy as a result of its ‘fabric first’ approach to building design, working with partners who are selective about the materials used.

Materials are determined carefully, maximising what the materials of the building itself can achieve and minimising the need for additional heating and cooling properties.

In new-builds, fittings and fixtures that minimise the impact on the environment are implemented. Palace Green Homes install a range of low-energy lighting; a central heating system for each room to ensure efficiency; ventilation to meet and exceed air permeability targets; and ensure all white goods are ‘A’ rated or higher.

We are using renewable technologies for all our new build developments, with a goal of providing carbon net-zero homes by 2030. This is hoped to be achieved by building eco-friendly homes with scope for charging points to be installed, supporting the switch to electric-powered vehicles.

Jon Soar, our Design Manager speaks more about our mission: “We take a bespoke approach to every new development and commit to sustainable pledges through all our designs. We are fully focused on living and breathing our pledges to tackle the climate emergency the council has declared.”

Whilst sustainability underpins our strategy in tackling climate change, we also put local people at the center of each new project.

Our community-led development brings real social and economic benefits to local communities, which are shaped around the priorities that matter to local people.

West End Gardens in Haddenham is a community-led development that was built on a foundation of sustainable growth targets shared with the Haddenham Community Land Trust (HCLT). We teamed up with the trust and the local authority to deliver these beautiful, sustainable properties consisting of affordable one, two, three and four-bed dwellings. Ultra-modern technology is used in each home, which is carefully plotted amongst Haddenham’s green landscape where eco-friendly futurism meets the graceful countryside.

Each home at this development is light and airy inside, and its show home was furnished by a local interior designer based in Cambridge. Complementing its support of communities, Palace Green Homes is passionate about partnering with local businesses. Cate Burren from Angel and Blume is the creative mind behind the developer’s charming West End Gardens show homes, who adds an aura of elegance and modernity to these properties.

After listening to local residents, their space has been revitalised. The site boasts a refurbished tennis court and enhanced landscaping with beautifully maintained open spaces. Now named Arbour Square, almost all homes within the development are now occupied. The project was supported by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority and East Cambridgeshire District Council.

The energy-efficient and environmentally friendly benefits of new builds are increasingly becoming the future of construction and residential living. Palace Green Home has made its pledges to lead the transformation towards a green future – whilst boasting beautifully-designed homes that give residents the opportunity to shape their neighbourhoods. Could it be time for you to move to a new build and commit to a more sustainable future?

*Based on HBF analysis of EPC ratings, taking into account the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) increases on 1 April 2023.

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