Amy Jeal

Amy Jeal

Amy Jeal
Management Accountant

Working closely with the Finance Manager, Amy handles all aspects of the day to day accounts. She liaises with suppliers, internal accounts colleagues and banks in order to complete monthly reconciliation work.

Read more about Amy’s role and her work at Palace Green Homes below.

When did you start at Palace Green Homes?

I joined Palace Green Homes in September 2016, six months after it was first established by East Cambridgeshire District Council. My initial role was completing work across the whole trading company, which included working on the finances for grounds and maintenance as well as for Palace Green Homes. After going on maternity leave in 2017, Palace Green Homes had employed Nigel to manage the accounts and finances. Once I was ready to return to work I met with Nigel, and it was decided that I could support him with the work. It was agreed that I would remain employed by the council but was seconded over as an accountant to Palace Green Homes. The job quickly turned into something I love.

What is your career history prior to starting at Palace Green Homes?

I left school at 16 and was unsure what career path I wanted to follow. I got my first job as a microbiology assistant, where I worked for four years. When I turned 20, a friend asked if I had ever considered accounts and secured me a job interview at Turners (Soham) Ltd, a local transport company.

I worked there for seven years and completed my AAT training. After this job, I became a project accountant for a consulting company that provided engineering services. It was after this role that I decided I wanted to find a management accountant role to use what I had learnt in my studies, which is when I applied for my job at East Cambridgeshire District Council.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Palace Green Homes?

It would have to be working alongside Nigel. He is a great mentor to me, an excellent manager and allows me to control my workday but is always on-hand to offer me support and gives me the time to grow. My knowledge has improved greatly since working with him and I really appreciate everything he has taught me.

I also love how everyone at Palace Green Homes is really supportive. We have a very small team who work in the office and it’s a very friendly environment.

What’s one thing that lockdown has taught you, relating to your home?

The pandemic taught me how important it is to have family living close by. My family has always been very close to one another, and I’m fortunate to have them living so near to me. Mine and my brother’s children are of a similar age and lockdown has made me realise how lucky we are to be able to watch them grow up together.

Lockdown also made me appreciate the outdoors a lot more. Our house backs onto a big field and having the space to go for long walks during lockdown was our saviour. It has made me want to spend more time outside with my family!

What’s an interesting fact about yourself?

I love to sew. I really enjoy cross stitching pieces for my friends and family and making clothes for my daughter – who absolutely loves dinosaurs and whales.