Cate Burren

Cate Burren

Cate Burren
Interior Designer at Angel + Blume

Cate Burren is an Interior Designer at Angel + Blume, an interior design practice in central Cambridge. Palace Green Homes has worked with Cate on a variety of projects across Ely and Cambridgeshire.

Cate is responsible for our show home interiors, working to create a stylish and relatable look for our prospective buyers to view and appreciate. Most recently, Cate has created our show home interior at Haddenham, and you can find out more about Cate’s work at Kilkenny Avenue here.

Read more about Cate’s role and her work at Palace Green Homes below.

What do you enjoy most about working alongside Palace Green Homes?

I like the fact that, no matter the project, they are willing to entertain new ideas. They are happy to trust me with the concepts that I show them and it makes for a really great partnership. The briefs they provide are well thought through and they know what they want to achieve and I can just take it from there.

Our most recent project at West End Gardens, Haddenham has taken a lot of furnishings from other show homes we’ve designed and by moving pieces of furniture between rooms and adding some new accessories, we have managed to create the feel of a different home which shows how schemes can translate to different properties.

What’s your favourite thing about interior design?

I’m really fascinated by the way people live. When I was growing up, I always enjoyed going to my friend’s houses to see their homes and individual styles. It’s a real privilege to be able to see how people live, really get to know their style and create a home that feels right for them.

I feel really lucky to be able to work with people on such a personal basis. Our homes are so personal and not something we always want to share with other people, so it’s always lovely to be invited in and help to devise a new look for someone. Working with Palace Green Homes as a company, it’s great to be able to see what the team want from a project and make them proud of their brand through their show homes.

One thing I always look out for is how people do or don’t engage with colour. It’s such a personal taste and can form a solid foundation for how an interior could look. Colour really helps people to express what they want from their home. I like creating looks with lots of personality, giving it the slightest controversial design to make sure it’s not too bland and people can see the style emerging.

The best thing is creating a new style and design that makes people really love their home.

Has lockdown taught you anything in particular about your home / living?

It’s such an interesting time for how we use and think about our homes. Some of us have moved our workplaces and classrooms into our homes, and others have needed to make sure our homes are the perfect escape when we get back from work. Whatever changes we have made, I think it has made us consider what we need from our homes and how we can use spaces more effectively.

For me personally, I’m more home-based now and my office is part of my house. I wanted to make my workspace less work-like and more comfortable and personal. One of the things I did was to create a wall of pictures that I love in the office – some of it is artwork moved from other places in my home and some of it is just cards that I like put into cheap frames – I like the mix and it seems to keep growing!

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