Jon Soar

Jon Soar

Jon Soar
Senior Technical Design Manager

Jon’s remit is to procure surveys and reports to inform concept design and planning submissions, to interpret and critically assess detailed designs and liaison with utility companies and approval bodies. With experience gained in consulting engineering and multi-discipline design practices, Jon brings a keen interest in sustainable construction to his technical design management role with a focus on where value can be added to development projects across the whole life cycle.

Read more about Jon’s role and his work at Palace Green Homes below.

When did you start at Palace Green Homes?

I started at Palace Green Homes in December 2018. I’m a trained civil engineer and previously worked at a number of multi-disciplinary consultancies. In my previous role, I worked on a project for Palace Green Homes and it all went from there really once the team and I had got to know each other.

I’d always thought about working on the client-side, for a developer rather than staying in consultancy. We are a developer with a difference which is what attracted me. It was a great opportunity to join the team and see how things worked from the developer’s perspective, and I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far.

My role involves coordinating all elements of the design for our developments, ranging from project inception and organising planning applications, through to working alongside Paul, our Senior Site Manager, on any changes or design queries as the site progresses.

It’s great to work on things from start to finish and see the work of Palace Green Homes come together for the benefit of the community.

What is your career history prior to starting at Palace Green Homes?

I studied for my BSc Hons degree in Civil Engineering at Anglia Ruskin University part-time alongside my previous full time working roles in consultancy. It was hard going at times, but a proud achievement in my career.

I worked my way up to become a senior Civil Engineer prior to joining Palace Green Homes.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Palace Green Homes?

It would have to be the people. The team is a really great mix of people, with a lot of talent and passion for what they do. I’ve worked in a variety of environments with different people and I really see huge value in the way that Palace Green Homes do things.

It’s also great and very rewarding to see where my input becomes reality as we build out our developments.

What’s one thing that lockdown has taught you, relating to your home?

It’s shown me that I really love my home and garden space. I’ve been quite lucky working from home as it’s where I enjoy spending my time. That said, it’s really important to try and have a dedicated working space as well so that you can really feel the difference between home and workspaces.

What’s an interesting fact about yourself?

I have a real passion for sustainable development which is born out of my engineering background in delivering sustainable drainage schemes. My work at Palace Green Homes has enabled me to expand this passion to all aspects of our designs in the pursuit of pushing the boundaries in delivering sustainability in everything we do.