Richard Fraser

Richard Fraser

Richard Fraser

Richard Fraser is a Cambridge based photographer specialising in architecture and interiors. He has worked alongside Palace Green Homes on various projects and helps their properties to come to life through the photos we share. Find out more about Richard in this interview and view his brilliant photography in our online property gallery, news articles or his website.

Can you share a summary of your career so far and how you got into photography?

My involvement with photography started out as a passion and commercial work has built up over many years to the point where I am now a full-time photographer.

I studied for my degree in Brighton, after which I worked in mental healthcare and then for the Physiotherapy Department at Addenbrookes Hospital. I eventually retrained at Homerton College, Cambridge, as a primary school teacher – a job I adored for 8 years.

Throughout this mix of jobs, I’ve always taken my camera with me wherever possible. In 2012, one of my photos earned a commendation for Landscape Photographer of the Year. The photo was displayed on a huge print in the Southbank in London, and it felt really special to see my work featured there. It was at this point I began to work with architects, including Haysom Ward Miller, to capture photos of their wonderful creations. In 2017, a series of my photos received a commendation in the ‘architecture’ category of the International Photography Awards and more recently I completed a photographic series for the NHS at 250 years as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

I have been blessed that the people I work with have (almost!) always re-booked me for more and I take pride in the idea of building meaningful, trusting working relationships with whoever I am lucky enough to photograph for. Many projects stand out for me, but one of note has to be the Royal Institute of British Architecture ‘House of the Year’ awards in 2018 – I photographed the snowy Scottish home which led to a judges visit and the overall award. That was a really great moment for me and the interest from people like Grand Designs was fun – even Kevin McLoed commented on the photographs I took for the client so it’s nice to know I made it into his good books!

It became quite obvious that photography was something I could do and decided to make the full-time step in 2019 before the pandemic… what timing! I’ve been so lucky and so grateful to my clients who ultimately have helped me though this difficult time and I am really looking forward to a more predictable few years ahead as I take on more work.

What do you enjoy most about working alongside Palace Green Homes?

I’ve worked alongside Palace Green Homes on several projects, including Kings Row, Arbour Square – Kilkenny Avenue and Haddenham.

I appreciate what they’re doing for the community. People are in need of their own homes at an affordable price and it’s important that they work to achieve that.

As a former teacher, it’s great to see these homes offered to workers in their local area via the Community Land Trusts that Palace Green Homes work alongside. Their work repurposing existing homes further shows that they care about properties too, rather than just wanting to squeeze as many into a site as possible.

The projects I’ve worked on have demonstrated care and attention to detail. Cate Burren, the Interior Designer they work alongside, puts a lot of thought into projects such as on the Arbour Square – Kilkenny Avenue show home. This was completed on a smaller budget to show an achievable, homely look for the new owners.

There’s a great, trusting relationship between me and the team at Palace Green Homes that I really appreciate too. The photography is better as a result of us working together on multiple projects.

What’s your favourite thing about photography?

With architectural photography in particular, it brings me great enjoyment to photograph the culmination of hard work by so many skilled people. I get to see buildings at their best and it’s an honour to be the one who documents that. Creating a set of photographs by looking at the plans and working with the sun’s path is also quite unique. Unlike many other jobs today, there is no way to speed this process up. I guess I see one of the best sides of society – the amazing things we can achieve when we work together that we couldn’t do on our own.

Do you have a favourite project from your work with Palace Green Homes?

Kings Row is definitely up there. The project demonstrated many positive aspects of Palace Green Homes, from their quality as a modern housebuilder through to how considerate they are with their designs and community approach.

They’re exactly the kind of developer I like to work for – one that adds benefit to the community.

Can you share an interesting fact about yourself?

In an effort to help the environment, I cycle to all of my shoots that are within pedalling distance, but as you can see in the photo, it does affect my hair!

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