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Our commitment to sustainability

Palace Green Homes is committed to enhancing the communities that we work in and ensuring that the homes we build are sustainable.

Our Statement of Sustainability Policy was adopted in February 2021 and sets out our core commitments to tackling the climate emergency declared by East Cambridgeshire District Council in October 2019.

We take a bespoke approach to every new development, based on a variety of site location factors.
Through all of our designs for new housing, however, we commit to:

Be Lean

Be Lean

Every new home we build will use less energy as a result of our ‘fabric first’ approach to building design

This means that we select the materials we use very carefully, maximising what the materials of the building itself can achieve and minimising the need for additional heating and cooling properties.

Be Clean

Be Clean

In our homes, we use fittings and fixtures that minimise the impact on the environment

We install a range of low energy lighting; a central heating system for each room to ensure efficiency; ventilation to meet and exceed air permeability targets; and ensure all white goods are ‘A’ rated or higher.

Be Green

Be Green

We are committed to using renewable technologies for all of our new build developments

By 2030 our new homes will be carbon Net Zero which we will achieve by building energy-efficient homes with appropriate renewable technologies such as solar panels and car-charging points that help to support the switch to electric-powered vehicles.

Our Statement of Sustainability Policy

If you’d like to learn more about our sustainability commitments, you can find our full Statement of Sustainability Policy here.